Thursday, August 11, 2011

"She Got The Way To Move Me, Cherry Baby"

Canned some Cherry Jam tonight. Here's proof:

Low Sugar on the left...regular on the right. The Low Sugar stuff uses mostly apple juice concentrate as a sweetener, and just a little sugar to take the edge off the sour. The "regular" stuff...well...all bets are diabetics please. I added little nip of Grand Marnier to both recipes, just to sweeten the deal.

This little gem is a value at twice the price. Ladies and gentlemen....I give you....the Cherry Pitter. Money In The Bank.

This evenings take from the garden. I know that this has nothing at all to do with canning cherries the interest of science and what not. I wanted to post what we are still hauling in. I've been looking back on last years blogs to see how the harvesting season matches up. My guess is that we are about 2 weeks behind last year....which makes for a nice, long, back to the cherries.

"Hot Pack" jam getting ready for processing.

Chrissy stepped in and photographed me in a Dr. Frankenstein moment.

Cooling. Chrissy in the background reading her No Greater Joy magazine.

Final Tally:
60 oz. of Low-Sugar Cherry Jam
28 oz. of Regular Sweet Cherry Jam

not a bad days work.

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