Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ivy's Birthday Take 2

Ivy turned 2 years old yesterday. It's unreal. I feel like she was born last week. It's amazing how 2 years feels like an eternity when you are a teenager but feels like a long weekend once you become a parent. We had planned an outdoor birthday party with a "Fish and Ocean" theme. I was kind of bummed when I looked at the days forecast and saw 50% chance of thundershowers moving through the area RIGHT during her party but, as we watched the Doppler on weather.com, every storm stayed to the North or South of us. We ended up having a wonderful time with family and friends. In addition to our local friends, Chrissy's mom, twin sis and her two boys came up for the occasion. It was a marvelous time....here's proof:

Ivy in her party dress. Her necklace has 2 pearls on it. Every year, for her birthday, we add 1 pearl to her necklace. Our hope is that she has a nice pearl necklace that she can wear on her wedding day.

Ivy's cake. You may notice that she swiped her finger through her name for a taste before we were able to snap a picture of it but hey...that's what you do when you're 2, right?

Ivy and her "Memom" checking out her cake. Despite the miles in between, my mother-in-law makes such a great effort to stay connected with her grand kids...a true blessing.

Ivy and her other grand mom...my mom. Ivy took a shine to her even as an infant.

The kids playing Ka-Ka Koo-Koo in the back yard.

No, Ivy...I don't want a drink of your iced tea but thanks for offering.

Ivy and "Beba" doing the hambone.

The kids playing a "fishing" game.

Our friends, the Waite's...looking quite "Hallmark Card-ish".

Cousin George looking VERY focused on the "feed the fish" game.

"Ivy bean" getting ready for cake and singing

Knee-deep in some wrapping paper destruction

Now that there is a deck full of wonderful people.

beautiful family...beautiful sunset.

We were blessed with a really great night. it's so awesome to be blessed with such an amazing family, extended family, and Godly friends.
Ivy got lots of nice clothes which, as would be expected, she wanted to try on....all at the same time. Here she is doing her best little bag-lady impression:

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