Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodnight Irene*

*what else was I supposed to name this post, huh?

So...Irene came and went and didn't leave much behind but a couple of downed power lines, a soggy backyard, and a downed tree in the neighbor's yard. It really only got sketchy for a moment or two during some really intense gusts. We didn't sustain any big time damage. The house is fine...the basement is bone dry. We had a small tree that got slightly uprooted...which got reset today. The biggest casualty was the garden. Pretty much everything tall got folded over (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce) and most of the squash had their leaves ripped off. The wind was coming in from the Southeast which is right over our lake and directly into our garden area....which is in a wide open section of our yard and had nowhere to hide. It's getting pretty close to the end of the season anyway....we just missed out on the last batch or two of tomatoes. I spent the better part of this morning ripping out the plants and getting ready to till the soil over to prepare for next year.
We lost power for about 20 hours or so. Power came back on in the early morning hours this morning. The generator was kicking to keep the fridge and chest freezer going...but we relied on candles and flashlights to keep the place illuminated last was actually great fun. We pulled out a bunch of old toys to help pass the hours.

Gavin and I used Peg Stackers to make "Super Garage" for his matchbox cars.

"Silly Self-Portraits" with Ivy and Mama

In the basement with the lantern during an intense stormy hour.

Creepy-looking silhouette art. That's actually a colored-in outline of Gavin.

"Candle Cakes" helped us light the night.

Nothing to fear. Everything's under control!

Hope you all stayed safe.

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