Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mega-Tent Reprise

We don't watch t.v. here. I mean...we have one....we just keep it packed up in the garage...there's a select few events that would prompt us to bring it out on occasion: watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve, watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, keeping an eye on the recent tornado warnings in our area, perhaps an upcoming Pats Monday Night Football game...that's about it. It's refreshing to live in a home where t.v has little to know place in our family culture. Anyway...from time to time, we will play a DVD for the kids. Last night was one of those nights.
The selection is usually pretty slim, we allow shows that Chrissy and I have screened and approve of which, to this point, has come to include Little House on the Prairie, old school Winnie The Pooh, and PBS Curious George episodes. Last night we opted for the last choice. We have one of those little portable DVD players that has come in handy for helping eat up the last couple hours of our frequent road trips to New Jersey to visit Chrissy's family.
Chrissy took some time for herself and headed out to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee and to spend some time planning lessons for the upcoming school year. The rest of us decided that since it was raining out, and it's been months since any one's watched a show that it was about time. Now...since T.V. is such a rare treat around here, we decided that the event needed a little more fanfare than just plugging in and decided to resurrect.....

Now, you may recall this architectural beauty from a blog dating back to February:
We opted for the Summertime version, complete with open-wall-air-circulation technology.

We had a blast popping some popcorn and watching the antics of that crazy monkey while all huddled inside MegaTent...

Ask the kids...they'll tell you that maybe mama needs to go out more :^)

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