Monday, August 15, 2011

Gavinisms: Chapter 3

It's been quite a while since I've posted a "Gavinism". It's not that he hasn't said anything "quote-worthy" as much as it's just the opposite. He's got such a kooky little way of communicating, he's got so much good material that it's hard to choose... and he certainly isn't bashful when it comes to making small talk with anyone within earshot. I joke that we are the only family who goes to yard sales where the yard sale hosts know the names of our kids by the time we're done shopping. Gavin always seems to gravitate to them and offer some random facts....what we had for dinner last night, how he took a spill on his bike, how his cousins came to visit last month...any topic is fair game....and Ivy is following suit and turning into quite the Chatty Cathy herself. I'm thankful that my kids like to talk to adults. It seems to me like there's a pretty good cross section of kids today who are not comfortable communicating with adults. Anyhow, back to today's Gavinism. I'll bring you in mid-conversation...we were talking about stealing...which led to the subject of greed:

Gavin: "What's Greed?"
Me: "It's like when you want something so bad, or if you have a little of something and all you want is more, more, more."
Gavin: "Oh. Then I greed fish and chips, 'cuz I can't get enough of that stuff."

Spoken like a true New Englander. That's my boy.

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