Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

I think I'm one of the 7% of New Englanders who actually like snow. It's many people who have been life long residents of this area can't stand the white stuff. My next door neighbor DESPISES the snow. I've literally seen him flip the middle finger to a snow drift. I'm sure he's not alone.
Me? I love the stuff. I was quoted earlier in the season as saying "It could snow 5 feet a day, every day, all winter, and I'd be o.k. with that". I'm starting to think Someone's taking me up on that challenge.
The meteorologists called for 5-8" of snow....they were way off. add a foot to those projections and they would have been close. Let me show you something:

This photo was taken on January 11 after our first "big" snow. At the time it felt like the biggest whitewash of all time.

Yeah, I took this picture this morning. I gotta say, I still love it, but I'd be lying if I said that I'm not a little concerned.
There's gotta be 2 tons of snow on the deck. While shoveling, I had to concede the passage to the Hobbit House. The ice dams on the roof are producing 5 foot icicles in a day. We are literally running out of places to put snow when blowing out the driveway.

That's my dad. He's about 6'3". That's my van. It's about 6'4". Notice how the snowbanks are bigger than both of them?'s definitely getting a little sketchy around here. Still fun, but a little sketchy.
Now, I know the Weather People love to pour gasoline on the fire...they are already talking about ANOTHER nor-easter for next week. Wednesday into Thursday....that's way too far out to call at this point, but talk of 12+ inch accumulations are already being thrown around. I don't buy it....but there is 5 feet of snow on the ground already around here so, anythings possible.

I was off of work again today...Chrissy's mom, twin sister and nephews are up from Jersey (they made it in just in time before the heavy stuff started falling). It was fun to get snowed in. Pancakes and sausage waiting for me after moving all the in a 45 minute nap....had a tall, frosty, diet coke at around 3:30 into a project in the workshop with my son and nephew (both 4 yrs. old)....good times, good family, good sausages.

Good God.


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