Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year End Wrap Up.

Just a quick post today, but first....I know that I didn't post a "Part 2" to my blizzard post, but that's only because the storm didn't amount to much. The wind gusts were for real, and it did get a bit sketchy for a minute or two, but when all was said and done, we didn't get much more than 8 inches of snow. I know some areas got pummelled, but I think that our local weathermen got a little over-zealous.
We still had a blast, though. Ivy made her first snowman and we got to try out the new sled the kids got for Christmas.

All in all 2010 was a good year for our little family. Looking back, we've seen how far we've come in many areas and how far we've still got to grow in others. But thankfully, The Lord loves teaching His children.

A few priorities for us as the new year dawns:

- drop some pounds. Chrissy and I gotta get down to our fightin' weights...or at least baby making weight. We're hoping to be preggers in 2011.
- Family ministry. We're praying for The Lord to show us ways for us to minister as a family. Perhaps some cleaning at our church, or some type of family ministry to a local rest home/nursing home.
- Upping our gardens. My dad and I put in a bunch of additional gardens at the end of last season. I think we about tripled our gardening space. We're hoping to try a bunch of new crops and herbs as well as start canning. Our plan is to be able to eat off our garden's yield all year long, as well as to be able to give away much more stuff.

Anyhow. I hope you all had a wonderful 2010 and that your 2011 is one that brings you closer together to your families and ultimately to Our Lord.

God Bless.

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