Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Randon Acts of Cabin Fever

So...some thick, nasty, lingering cold bug decided it was a good idea to visit the Leo family's immune systems for a few days. We've all got it, to some degree. Couple that with one of the 10 worst Winters in Southern Worcester County, MA history, and you've got the recipe for some hardcore inside activities. Between snow removal and child sanity, we've been on a sometimes-pleasant-sometimes-frantic level of damage control. It hasn't been without its frustrating moments but...with a house full of snowed in sickies, what else would you expect.
Here's how we killed some time this week:

The boy managed some quality schooling time.

The fabrication of "MegaTent".

MegaTent Story Hour

We celebrated Ivy's 1 1/2 year old birthday, complete with Crazy Cracky Blu-Jello Cake...strange..yet delicious.

The Indoor Clothesline of Randomness. That's a "Shins" CD hanging in the middle there.

Tiny Plastic Animal Wildlife Refuge. A few things to note:
1. The big cats eating the zebra in the front left corner...we had a lesson on the "circle of life" today..although Gavin said that he wants to wait until he's 16 to see The Lion King.
2. The upside down clear plastic tote in the far right corner. That was "Animal Jail". What you can't see is the angry gorilla who's in jail, but just outside the photo...he's in there for fighting. At one point, the orangutan got sent to solitary for flinging poo. We don't take any nonsense here at Tiny Plastic Animal Wildlife Refuge, you got me?

All in all...some good times, some frustrating times, some tears, some creative play, some bacon, some boogies, some Winnie the Pooh on video, some puke buckets, some blu-jello cake...we did o.k. We also saw a few new Winter birds at the feeder during this storm, which was pretty cool.

Spring feels like a myth, and even though I'm enjoying this crazy Winter...I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't chomping at the bit to get ready for planting season.
My grandmother always says..."After March 15, we start getting nice days"...We've got lots of new gardens and lots of new ideas for this year. Not to get ahead of myself...but I can already taste the fresh pickles.

But the 9 foot snowdrifts have got to melt first.

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