Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You know how I know it's Summer?

Because I can snap a random photo of the backyard and capture...
1. The charcoal Grill
2. The newly set-up swimming pool (complete with "first dip" this evening...super-cold, but worth it)
3. A healthy looking garden
4. Chairs around the fire pit
5. Some random kids in a jon boat pulling catfish out of the lake.

...all in the same photo. What you can't see is the 15 or so sunnies and blue gills that the boy and I landed before dinner tonight....we threw them back :^)

Let's see...we just harvested all of our broccoli today (Gavin and Pa blanched and processed it). Our Spinach and Swiss Chard are coming to an end of their plantings...we're going to take over the broccoli garden with a new planting of those. It's the first year we've ever done any mid-season plantings. It's so exciting to see the months of planning and work come together in a garden full of goodness.

Here's to hoping anyone reading this has a stellar Summer season.

Keep the drinks cold
Keep the grill hot
Keep the garden green
Keep the fish biting
Keep the kids close
Keep Christ first

Go Summer!

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