Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Dominion" wins and fails

Genesis chapter 1 gives man "dominion" over "every living thing that moves on the earth".
"Dominion" is a cool word. The fact that we are allowed, by God, to "have dominion" is even cooler.
"Dominion" is defined as:
1: supreme authority.
2: the right of the owner of a thing to use it or dispose of it at his discretion.
3. a territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm.

I both succeeded and failed at "having dominion" over my land this weekend.

"Taking dominion" over the earth and that which lives on it is one of the first jobs that God gave Adam. He gave him this job even before The Fall...which tells me that, original sin or not, we ought to have an understanding of how our environment works and how to control what lives on it. We were going to be doing this whether or not we screwed up. It's a mandate that is both simple and daunting.
We feel that a big part of "taking dominion" over the land is to understand how things grow and to utilize the soil to produce food which sustains us. In doing this, we are in control of our our land, we understand the basic principles of planting, germination, growing, and harvesting, and use what The Lord had provided for us to survive, as well as to bless others with produce. Given our proximity to water, it also includes having a knowledge of fish and fishing.
In that aspect, while being humble, I'd give our family a "Win". This year. The fish are biting and our garden is doing very well. Many of the first time crops that we tried this year are producing wonderfully and we have been harvesting this-and-that since mid-May. All of the "warmer weather" crops have taken nicely and we anticipate a nice harvest of veggies as the months progress.

But....there was also a big "Fail" attached to this weekends "dominion".

Traditionally, we do not have a problem with varmints and critters eating up our garden. I'm not exactly sure why but, there are a number of nut trees surrounding our property, as well as the lake, and maybe there is enough food being produced by those to keep the squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks at bay. We have never had any widespread varmints getting into our garden.

Until recently.

There's a rabbit...that keeps showing up in our yard. I snapped a pic of it earlier in the year, maybe you was in our yard while the swan was right off out dock and it seemed like a cute little photo op (See if you can spot him):

Well, that little cotton-tailed nuisance has been back here just about every day....and every day, it has been content to sit and nibble the clover in the backyard. When we spot it, we send The Boy out to chase it out of the yard...we'll yell "Go Get 'I'm Mr. McGregor" and everyone has a's all innocent fun...yeah...until today when he was spotted in my carrot patch. Now, say what you will but, one rabbit can absolutely decimate an entire garden if it wants to. I've got way too much invested in our garden to allow some twitchy-nosed long-eared rat to take down our plants. It was time for action

Now remember, we were given dominion, or: supreme authority, over that which moves across the earth. I set out the have-a-heart trap but the little bugger didn't take to it. We had to get more serious. The fate of our crops were hanging in the balance (can you feel the Hollywood-like suspense building?!)....It was BB gun time. (just so you know....we, by law, can't shoot "real" guns on our property due to the closeness of other houses or else...this things head would have been turned into a canoe.)
My BB gun is a sweet one. A Crossman 10-pump with a fantastic scope that could allow you to shoot the wings off of a gnat at 30 yards. It's 14 years old, a bit rusty, but still fires true. I pulled that baby out and lobbed an old diet coke 2 liter into the yard to take aim to dial in the scope which needed a few adjustments. I got it true and by this time, the rabbit was along our side yard, less than 25 yards easy kill-shot.

I pumped the BB gun up, chambered a BB, took aim....the thing was so close that I could have decided which eye I wanted to shoot out. I drew a bead on this adorable little Destroyer of All Leafy Delicacies.......and fired......


The little bugger just sat there, twitching his little nose at me....then he hopped into the neighbor's yard.

Turns out, the misfire happened due to a misshapen BB that got hung up in the breech of the barrel. I've fired thousands of shots out of that gun and never had an incident like that before. The weapon WAS old, unoiled, and not kept in the best possible operating condition. I'm left wondering if The Lord was telling me to be merciful over the creatures in my yard or to take better care of the weapons that he's led me to learn to use. I may have to pray this out a bit.

But...I'll tell you this much.....

WalMart opens at 7am and you better believe that I'll be there purchasing a brand new air rifle....If this new one hangs up at the moment of truth...then I'll KNOW that God wants me to let him go....Otherwise, I plan to have unmolested veggies and a nice new pelt for Gavin at about this time tomorrow evening.

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