Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom's Day, CHAP, Stickers, and Swans

A quick prologue:
This Easter....worst ever. We headed to Jersey with the best of enjoy a nice Easter with family. What we ended up with was a lingering, nasty intestinal virus that took it's time infecting all of us, landing Gavin in the hospital, and quarantining all of us at Chrissy's moms house while everyone else was at her sisters for Easter lunch. We had to hole up in Jersey for 5 extra days until folks were healthy enough to travel. After that whole debacle, Mother's Day smacked me RIGHT in the face by arriving early...I was totally blindsided a few days before...anyway..we ended up having a real nice day. It was great having everyone healthy again. Here's a few pics:

We decided that since the kids didn't get to celebrate Easter on account of being sick...that we'd combo it up and have a Mother's Day/Easter Extravaganza...complete with Easter church outfits and the "Gross Chocolate Broken Face Bunny". The story of how that chocolate bunny came to our house....that's a blog of it's own....maybe someday.

The family unit out in the backyard.

Ivy Frances....less than impressed.

A week later it was back out on the road for the CHAP homeschool convention in Central PA. CHAP stands for "Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania"...and YES...I know that we don't live in Pennsylvania....but we went anyway. It was a great weekend of education and encouragement. We met up with Chrissy's twin sisters family out there....quick side note:

Chrissy is a twin. Her twins name is Susan. Susan married my best friend from Jersey, Dave. They live in South Jersey and have 2 boys about our kids ages. It's usually fun times when we all get together. Back to the story...

We all stayed together in 2 rooms at a nice little hotel with an even nicer indoor heated pool. The coolest part was that our 2 rooms were adjoining which meant that we could lay the kids down for bed all in 1 room and hang out in the other...the rub make the adjoining rooms happen, we had to get 1 handicapped accessible room...which we didn't mind at all. Let me tell far as our combined 4 kids were concerned...the second coolest thing about staying in the hotel (the pool comes in first on the coolness scale) was:

The Super Rad Monkey Bar Handicap Shower Stall!!!
This photo was taken about 3 minutes after checking into the hotel. Good times.

The convention was about 370 miles from home. Chrissy did a great job in putting activities together for the kids while we ate up miles on the highway .....BUT....sooner or just want to be out of the car and done driving, you know? The kids did great...but we all started to get a little bit crazy towards the very end of our trip home. I'll title this one: Gavin+Stickers+Mile 364=

Yep...and in case you're wondering...that's a little froggy potty staring back at you from the back seat, there. Gavin will attest to the fact that stickers are much more fun putting ON legs than they are peeling them off.

That about does it for the moment. I think I'm all caught up. I did spot this little duo out back after dinner tonight:

Bunny up front....Swan out back. Nice.

Lastly....somehow, while we were gone, Southern New England turned into Seattle. If anyone knows where they stashed the sun, please let me know.

Be Good.

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