Monday, May 9, 2011

Holy Catfish!!

The boy and I pulled a nice one the other day...then another...then another.

I've unofficially labeled our fishing area as Instant Gratification Cove.

I'm completely introducing a false reality to my son of what actual fishing is...when he realizes that in most lakes it usually takes more than 15 seconds to catch a fish...he's going to be devastated. But for now...

Our pond is actually one of about 5 or 6 ponds that are connected through pipes under the roads in the area....there's a slight current running through all of them. At one point, years ago, before this area was developed, my bet is that it was actually just a healthy river. The development of the area included a series of dams which pooled up these small ponds and lakes. For our little lake, there is a dam at the one end with a spillway that only lets water when it storms or when the snow melts. The upshot is that the current sends lots of wildlife down into our lake...and then has nowhere to go. It's like our pond is Uber naturally stocked....frogs, turtles, FISH. tons of them. If you can't land a little bluegill inside of 10 seconds off our dock, there's something wrong with you.

It'll take a little longer if you want to land one of the bigger fish in the lake...a nice bass, pickerel, or perch. 4 years old...a fish is pretty much a right now the boy is king of all God's creation out there.

Life's not so bad out here these days....the fish are biting... the seedlings are up....the fruit trees are blossoming....the kids come in every night covered in dirt...we're dining on garden seasonal allergies are making me want to scratch my eyes out but...a small price to pay for the simple life.

Go Spring!

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