Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Someone back East is sayin' "Why don't he write?"...

...a great throwaway line from Dances with Wolves...right up there with a fake accented "J-J-John John Dun------Dun--bar".

I have no idea why I'm thinking about Dances with Wolves right now...oh that's right....

It's cuz I haven't written in a while. I don't even have a ton of time right now, but I wanted to just get a few things down (Probably not interesting for most but, again, this blog is for me....and you, if you care to follow along).

There's been lots of changes going on in our home...some big, some small, all good. Anyhow...I'm the kind of guy that needs a bit of down time at the end of the night...and lately, by the time the kids got to bed...I didn't have it in me to sit down and ponder my blog...more like I've been about ready to spoon my brain out of my ear. Anyhow, here's a list of some of the changes that have gone down around here lately.

1. I got a new job. It literally came out of nowhere. I have moved to a new program within the agency that I work for. I work for a Faith-based non-profit comprised of many community outreach programs. For the past 4+ years, I have served in various capacities in the Adult Day Health program (most recently as the social worker). This was a medical-modeled program for adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. I loved what I did....I never imagined that I would leave...BUT...The Lord led, and I had to follow....Thankfully, he only led me down a flight of stairs.
Downstairs in the same building as the ADH program is a Supportive Day Program for the Elderly. Many of the participants have some degree of dementia...They are a wonderful group of people. Some of the kindest, gentlest folks I've ever met. 3 weeks ago I became the Program Director for that downstairs program. It's certainly a's bittersweet to leave the day to day operations of the ADH program, but I've been loving being at the helm of such a wonderful program. I've been blessed with great staff and great clients....AND I get to see my upstairs clients everyday still....but still...there's lots to learn and it has been a huge change for me.
2. New car...we got a great deal on a new (well new to us) minivan...I LOVE looking like a soccer mom...say what you will...but those suckers are convenient!!
3. New dentist....I know, it sounds trite...but add it on the pile and it's just another thing to get adjusted to.
4. New nutrition....Chrissy has had some problems with her back...muscular stuff...which has prompted her to seek out wellness has also brought to light that we could both stand to lose a few pounds..we've cut off nighttime snacking (which I freaking LOVE)....We've been eating healthy lately and enjoying fantastic green breakfast smoothies that Chrissy's been coming up with...again...good stuff....but a change none-the-less.
5. TV...a few months ago....we plugged in the tv. The snow was SO deep that the kids couldn't play in it....we've all been stuck inside for most of the Winter...then Chrissy's back went out...all this is a recipe for "let's throw a Winnie-The-Pooh video in and give us a half hour of chill time. (Yes, I said "Video"...I'm one of the last 3 people on earth to still use a VCR)...which quickly parlayed into me watching 2 hours of mindless tv after the kids went to bed. Anyway...last week, the TV got unplugged (again) and packed away in the garage. AGAIN....good chance...but...still "change".
6. Winter's over, and we're on the cusp of the largest planting season that our household has ever undertaken. There's 3 new HUGE gardens that we are planting this year...awesome...but daunting.

It's funny how all of this comes at once....but I think it's cuz that's how God knows that I work. I know that all of us are "creatures of habit"...but I LOVE routine. I LOVE predictability. I think that the Lord knows this and so HE put all this change on me at once....push me through the fire so that soon I can relax in the familiar again.

"The steps of a righteous man are ordered by The Lord" Psalm 37:23. Now...I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not righteous...I'd like to think that I pursue righteousness...but in the spirit of full disclosure...I'd have to say that at's more a hobby than a passion. BUT....He is Faithful...He is Merciful...He loves us in a way that we can never understand....He loves us enough to shake things up for us every once in a while....because He knows that He'll be right beside us to help us handle it.

oh yeah....

7. The old man found a dead beaver:

Frozen Roadkill Science Extravaganza just got real, y'all.

"Life is hard, you have to change"
- Shannon Hoon

Ain't that the truth, Ruth.

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