Friday, March 25, 2011

False Advertising

The advertisement for the product, as described on, is as follows:

"More than a dozen birds can perch and feed from anywhere on the Duncraft Squirrel Proof Blocker Selective Bird Feeder. The entire tube dispenses seed, yet squirrel paws and noses cannot reach inside to get to the seed source. Fill with black oil sunflower and watch the birds perch on the fencing, putting their heads through to select one seed at a time from the stainless-steel mesh tube."

The Reality:

This must be made by the same people that made the 2D High-Density Plastic Collapsible Weather and UV Resistant Full Color Coyote Decoy and Canadian Goose Deterrent...remember that?

read all about it here:

Ah least the squirrels aren't crapping all over my backyard....yet.

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