Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stamping a Moment in Time

There are eras/days/events/hours that you wish you would never have to live again.
There are eras/days/events/hours that you never think about after they happen...just a flash in the pan, then dissolve into some distant memory that you may or may never recall throughout your life.
There are eras/days/events/hours that are so important/epic/life-changing that you will forever use them to mark life-long changes in your path through life.
There are eras/days/events/hours that you just want to look back on fondly because they were just pretty awesome.

Tonight falls into the last category.

To make along story short:

Chrissy went out to do some Christmas shopping tonight. It was me and the two little ones for the bulk of the evening. Some things to note:

It's Christmastime.

It's the first night in 2 weeks that it's even felt "Christmasy" and chilly.

I had this night planned and in the bag from the get go....complete with a night-before stop to WalMart for supplies.

We made These:

Watched This:

I hung out with Them:

I drank one of These:

While curling up next to This:

Simple. Fun. Family. That's just about all I need.

Merriest of Merrys to you!

God Bless.

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