Monday, October 17, 2011

Leo Family in Lancaster County Photo Dump

Some random shots from our trip that didn't fit into the other blogs:

There's "Cozy" and then there's "Camper Cozy"...guess which one this is?

The "Pantry". Notice how the entire top shelf is medical supplies. We were prepared to treat minor scrapes and burns, gunshot wounds, and everything in between.

Gazebo Rain Dance!! Behind the kids is the "bridge" that "MillBridge Camp Resort" gets part of its name...despite the fact that it was all borded up and looked like it was one 30 mph wind gust way from being reduced to kindling.

I put the "Der" in "Wonderland".

Here's "The Bean"...booger-nose and all...but pleasant as can be. Notice our fishing gear leaning up against the tree behind her. it didn't get much use....the only thing we found in the "Fishing pond" was an old boot......and a flip-flop. I wish I were kidding.

There's nothing like a battle-scarred, well-rested, armed 4 year old. WOLVERINES!!!

We don't let our kids play with fire....just near it ;^)

Some random campground silliness:

Last but not least...I give you....the only pay phone in Lancaster County:

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