Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Shift

Well...Winter hung on as long as it had dug it's claws in deep this dropped an all time top ten snowfall on us this year...Including 4 sloppy inches in April....but....that was the death rattle. Winter conceded. The Shift is on. Winter is OVER. Springtime has officially arrived in Southern's how I know:

I took the wood bin out of the house today. Burning season is over. Gavin and I cleaned out the stove and adorned the stove area with potted plants.

There isn't a speck of ice left out on the pond....only smooth sailing.

We spotted goldfinches at the feeder and tree swallows out near the pond....Orioles should be on their way soon.

The great blue heron has made a return to our pond (two of them, actually).

Tonight, we heard peepers for the first time.

Gavin and Grandpa planted onions today...the garden is officially "On".

Ivy "Garlic Breath" Leo has dipped into the garlic chives (she's addicted, I swear).

crocuses are in bloom in the front yard.

Geese and ducks are pairing off....won't be too long until we see chicks.

What an exciting time of year this much newness....hope....growth.....I'm always amazed at how Winter starts off so magical and ends so stagnant. To see these signs of Spring....what a gift.

Gotta run....gonna research what carrots I want to put in this year.

Happy planting, gardening, fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, laughing, loving, familying, growing, sandboxing, pruning, canoeing, swinging, raking, dethatching, rototilling, composting, bird-watching, frog catching everybody....Spring Is Here!!!!

Here's my 2011 Springtime song:

Raise a glass to the turning of the seasons.

Enjoy the shift.

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