Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ivy's Dedication

Nothing is promised.

Our homes, safety, family, health, wealth, success, food, water, heat, clothing, vehicles, comfort, friendships, spouses, life.....none of it is promised to us.

Our family holds firm to the belief that all things come from The Lord....and the only reason that we have anything, the only reason that we have been blessed with ANYTHING, is to turn around and give it back to Him as an offering of praise and to use those blessings for His Glory. Our children included.

We, as parents, have been entrusted with the care and guidance of our children, but, ultimately, they belong to Christ...He made them, He's known their souls and loved them since the beginning of time (just like he did us).

This weekend, we had Ivy's dedication: a physical gesture of our commitment to recognize the blessing that we have been entrusted with and our promise to dedicate our lives to pointing our little girl to the love of her Creator. Chrissy's mom and step dad drove up from Jersey, as did her twin sister, Susan and husband, Dave (Ivy and Gavin's Godparents) with their 2 awesome boys Charles and George. Here's a few pics from the weekend...Oh, and just in case there's some of you who hadn't heard...you may see Ivy's big, bright pink cast on her right arm....yeah, she took a tumble off the bed and fractured her arm....3 weeks in the cast and she ought to be right as rain. Anyhow, back to the pics:

It was a PERFECT New England Autumn Saturday. We all started it off at Old Sturbridge Village, one of our favorite haunts....

...when we got home, we had a small dedication ceremony around the campfire in the backyard. Prayers, Scripture, Song...

...we then went to the front yard and planted a dogwood tree for Ivy on the same strip of land that we planted a tree for Gavin a few years earlier. Everyone wrote a scripture verse on a card, something that they wanted to communicate to Ivy, read it, and put it in the hole...as the paper decomposes, it will provide nutrients for the tree to grow, just as God's Word provides us with the necessary spiritual "food" to grow in Him. We capped the afternoon with some delicious soups, sandwiches,apple desserts, family, friends, and laughter.

The following day, we brought her before our church family and had her dedicated publicly.

To everyone who participated in this past weekend's activities...thank you so much for the love, friendship, hard work, delicious food, great fellowship, and overall awesome time that you showed our family. It was such a pleasure getting to host you. How blessed we are to have not only such wonderful children, but also such amazing family and friends. I pray that as the years grow on, that our bonds only continue to tighten.

Last but not least, my not-quite 4 year old nephew Charles cut his first ever piece of wood with the chainsaw...check it:

thatta kid.

alright...one last shot of my baby girl:

Blessed are we.


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