Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Gavin started pre-school this week. Well...sort of.

Back when Gavin turned 3, Chrissy started him on some pre-school level learning activities. Letters, patterning, sorting, bible lessons, fine motor skills stuff, etc. etc. She took the summer off, for the most part, and has now resumed her learning sessions with him. We thought it was wise to get Gavin used to a bit more structured morning and also the feel and flow of a full school year.

Our homeschooling room is coming along nicely downstairs. My dad is a wonderful and super skilled guy who is retired and is able to spend a few days a week working to re-finish our future homeschooling area. Walls are up, wiring is run, lights are in, laundry room is built...we're getting there. It shouldn't be too long, now.
In the meantime, we set Gavin up part of his room classroom style. We were blessed with a little school desk and chair that I refinished. Chrissy picked up a wall calendar and other posters. He was SO excited when mama and I showed it to him.

We did him up right. On his first day of school, He had his back-pack with a special snack in it, and his new pencil box full of supplies. Chrissy even put his name on his desk. He's such a great little guy. It's so fun to do special things like this for him.

I'm so thankful for my life. I love watching the lengths my amazing wife goes to make things special and engaging for my children. I'm so blessed to walk life's path along side such a talented and virtuous woman. I'm excited to contribute more to my children's education. To teach Gavin math and hands-on skills by building projects together in the workshop and tackling fix-it jobs around the house. He's such a help already, and has such an interest in tools, building, and learning new things.

I'm thankful that the education of my children is something that draws my family closer together, unlike so many family's out there for whom it becomes an act of separation.

Chrissy snapped a few pics of Gavin's "First Day":

SO psyched for school!

Class Picture Day!

The "Classroom"

Learning the letter "J" and spelling using milk-cap letters

MMMmmmm..... jellybeans

Ivy coming by to check his work

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