Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Canada Goose Mind Freak

I have a problem.

I have geese.

Canadian Geese... or "Canada" Geese, to be ornithologically correct.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm big into birds, especially water foul. The blog name says it all. There are scores of different types of birds that stroll by our bird feeders every day. And I'm getting better at identifying of them. I love 'em. And I love the Canadian Geese, too. Every year we see 6 or 7 families of geese who live in our pond. I don't have a problem with them.

Just with their poo.

It's everywhere.


Our lawn is full of clover, the geese love the stuff. They eat it like it's their job and leave these disgusting landmines of goose poo all over the place.

Look at them...looking all smug, trying to act like they didn't just poo all over my lawn

Usually, our best solution is to send the boy down to chase them out of the yard and into the water. But they come back. They always come back.
I'm trying a new solution. A solution that I bought online. A solution that I paid retail price for. For those of you who don't know me well enough...this is very, VERY not my style.

Our philosophy on purchases, for the most part, is "make what we can, fix what we break, and if we have to buy it, get it on sale". This attitude mostly came from my family not having much money when I was growing up.

BUT...for the amazing low price of $21.95 (plus shipping and handling) we have an artificial food chain deterrent singularly manifesting itself in my back yard as we speak. Are you ready to see it?

See it yet? Wait for it....

Waaaaaiiiiittttt fooooorrrr iiiiiiiitttttt..........

That's right, it's a......

2D High-Density Plastic Collapsible Weather and UV Resistant Full Color Coyote Decoy!!!!!

I know, I know...there's no way it's going to work, right? We'll see, but so far....

It scared the snot out of the cat.

We'll see how this one plays out. Stay Tuned.

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